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Topic Covered in Basic Excel

Navigating to accomplish tasks
        Using the Ribbon, Office Button, and menus (depending on software version)
        Cells, columns, and rows
        Keyboard shortcuts
        Freezing and splitting panes
        Hiding columns and rows
        Other classes covering Excel navigation
Entering basic data into Excel
        Formatting dates and times
        Spell check
        Undo and redo buttons
        Creating and modifying tables
        Sorting and filtering tables
Creating basic Excel formulas
        Subtraction, division, multiplication
        Cell references
        Other classes covering Excel formulas
Using functions
        Manually typing functions
        AutoSum and AutoCalculate
        Other classes covering Excel functions
 Moving and copying data
        Cut, copy & paste
        Fill handle
        Smart Tags
Working with worksheets
        Renaming and coloring tabs
        Moving, copying, and inserting worksheets
Basic Excel Formatting
        Adjusting width and alignment
        Formatting text in cells
        Formatting numbers
        Other classes covering Excel Formatting
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