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Intermediate Excel

Topic Covered

    Formulas & Functions
        Typing formulas and functions
        Cell references and reference formulas
        The Functions Library
        Average, date, and time functions
        If statements
        Other classes covering Formulas & Functions
    Moving and Copying Data in Excel
        Cut, copy, and paste data
        The Fill Handle
        Absolute and relative references
        AutoFill and custom Lists
    Working with Multiple Worksheets
        Renaming worksheets
        Color coding tabs
        Moving and copying worksheets
        3D references
    Formatting Cells and Appearance
        Formatting text and numbers in cells
        Merging cells
        Wrapping text within a cell
        Custom number formats
        Conditional formatting
        Copying formatting
        Other classes covering Excel formatting
    Viewing Worksheets
        Showing formulas and references
        Tracing precedents and dependents
        Grouping rows and columns
        Cell comments
        Headers and footers
        Other classes covering Navigation and Views
        Creating and defining a chart
        Positioning, rotating, and resizing charts
        WordArt in charts
        Editing charts in Excel
        Changing types
        Formatting a data series
        Multiple series charts
        Other classes covering Excel charts
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