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Hadoop is the poster child for Big Data

Hadoop is the poster child for Big Data, so much so that the open source data platform has become practically synonymous with the wildly popular term for storing and analyzing huge sets of information. It is written in Java and allows storing and process big data in a distributed environment across clusters of computers using simple programming models.

In short, Hadoop allows storage of very large amount of data in any form simply by additions of more servers to a Hadoop cluster; it can handle both structured and unstructured data at very high volumes with an unprecedented price/performance ratio.

"Hadoop is the first step in putting all of your data in one place-the analytics you utilize from there is where you'll find answers. And questions." (Libero,2014)

ATI's offers Hadoop courses that train you to write and run jobs in Hadoop using map/reduce. We also make our students well versed with HDFS. HDFS provides a very high bandwidth by storing chunks of files scattered throughout the Hadoop cluster. Adding Hadoop training to our list of courses, we aim to build an all-rounder for a data/business analyst.

Duration: 32 Hours COURSE DETAILS:

    Introduction to Apache HADOOP & Big Data
    HADOOP Architecture/Components
    Introduction to VM
    Setting up environment- JAVA, WinSCP, Putty, SSH
    HDFS Commands
    Data Sets
    Map Reduce
    HADOOP Distributions
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