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Advance Analytics for Mis

Duration: 32 Hours

Learn how to make your data look good using data visualization and forecasting using time series. Master the art of finding find patterns in large amounts of text using text analytics. Our advanced analytics course takes you a step ahead!

Module 1: Text Analytics

    Problems with unstructured data
    Terminology in text analytics: Corpus, TDM, parsing, stemming, stopwords, chunking, etc.
    Classification and tagging
    In class project: document classifier and sentiment analysis

Module 2: Automation in time Series

    Time series decomposition
    Common techniques like moving averages, smoothing etc.
    In class project to automate forecasting

Module 3: Machine Learning

    What is machine learning?
    Tree based learning
    Common learners: KNN, random forests, GBM etc
    In class project

Module 4: Data Visualization

    Landscape of visualization
    Thinking visually
    How to choose appropriate visuals
    Story boarding
    In class project
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