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Analytics course introduces

Duration: 48 Hours

The Analytics course introduces participants to fundamental concepts of statistics, and guides them all the way to building predictive models using multiple linear and logistic regressions. All the topics are explained with the help of hands-on practice with live case studies and data, enabling a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts of analytics.

Module 1: Introduction to Analytics

    Need for analytics
    Analytics use in different industries
    Challenges in adoption of analytics

Module 2: Descriptive Statistics

    Understanding different outputs
    Tabular & Graphical Method
    Summary statistics

Module 3: Statistical Testing

    Hypothesis Testing
    Z-Test, T-Test, Chi-Square test, ANOVA
    Parametric & Non-Parametric test

Module 4: Regression & Correlation

    How to do regression
    Types of regression รข€“ logistic and linear
    Case Studies

Module 5: Modeling Techniques

    Concepts of Segmentation
    Usage of Segmentation
    Cluster Analysis
    Factor Analysis
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