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Advanced Excel Training

Topic Covered

    Advanced Formulas
        Viewing available Excel functions
        Basic text functions
        Basic “IF” conditional formulas
        Nesting “IF” statements
        Concatenate and “IF” statements with concatenate
        Using name ranges in formulas
        Other classes covering Formulas and Functions
    Customizing Data Views
        Lookups and Lookup functions
        Transposing data
        Pivot Tables
        Filtering PivotTables
        PivotTable Charts
        Other classes covering Navigation and Views
    Advanced Chart Techniques
        Multiple series charts
        Moving charts in a spreadsheet
        Layout, title & labels
        Adding picture backgrounds
        Other classes covering Excel charts
    Page Formatting Techniques
        Custom views
        Creating a default view
        Filters and grouping
        Embedding and linking
        Editing and embedded object
        Editing a linked object
        Linking as an icon
    Additional Tools in Advanced Excel
        Protecting worksheets
        Locking cells
        Protecting a workbook
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